TF-51 Mustang – Aircraft Specifications

A/C ModelNorth American TF-51D Mustang
Airframe424.4 hrs since restoration by John Lane’s
Airpower Unlimited LLC in 2007(airframe and
TF-conversion by Square 1). Excellent
condition. P-51 once flown by triple-ace
fighter pilot Robin Olds.
EnginePackard-built RR Merlin V-1650-7 with
Transport Heads and Banks. 6.5 hrs SMOH by
Vintage V12’s in 2021.
PropellerHamilton Standard 24D50-105. 395.2 hrs SOH,
AD 81-13-06R2 c/w Apr 2020. Blades repainted
by MT-Propeller GmbH in Apr 2020.
Avionics-F/CSee spec sheet
Avionics-R/CSee spec sheet
AdditionalWhelen Strobe System, A650-PG/PR 28V
Engine Pre-Oiler System
Hinz, Micron Oil By-Pass Filter System
Oxygen System, High Pressure w/ A-14 Cockpit Regulators
Roush, Sniffle Valve (coolant header tank) 34 PSI
Roush, Pressure Cap (coolant header tank)
Fighter Enterprise, Coolant Door Cockpit Indicator
Aero-Tech, 35 U.S. Aux Fuel Tank, LH Wing W/ Boost Pump
Dual temp probe indication in FC
Coolant pressure indic in FC
4-light set-up for landing gear indication (3 greens, 1
unsafe), FC & RC