T-28 Trojan flights



Flight experience (EBBT)

750 €

Climb into the back seat of our beloved T-28 Trojan and be a WWII pilot for one day!

Once in the air, you will take control of the aircraft and fly this WWII machine.


Personalized flight (EBBT)

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Type conversion course (EBBT)

8.000 €

You are a pilot holding a license with a valid SEP, dreaming to become T-28 Trojan rated? This is the place to be!

FAST Aero offers a full T-28 type conversion course. The training will consist of theoretical ground school and a minimum of 5 hours flight training.

After being trained on our T-28 you will have the option to book a 5 hours or 10 hours package with instructor to remain current on our T-28 as we do not allow solo flights on our aircraft. 

5 or 10 hours package (EBBT)

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You followed a T-28 type conversion course or you are rated on the T-28 Trojan?

Then book our 5 hours package with instructor to remain current on type!


Note: Solo flights on our T-28 Trojan are not allowed.