Full aircraft purchase support

Are you planning to purchase an aircraft? Let us help you!

Buying an aircraft is an investment we take very seriously, it is important to know what you are buying.

Since 2005, FAST Aero has sold and purchased aircraft on behalf of its clients all over the world. Specializing in classic and vintage aircraft, the team offers an end-to-end service, whether you are buying or selling.  From pictures, listings, presale/purchase surveys, aircraft sourcing, shipping, delivery and even on-type training.  All available with FAST Aero.  

We can assist you from the beginning through your training until your release flight on your aircraft.  Even after this we can provide you with additional support if desired.

With our worldwide connections we can help you with:

  • The search for the aircraft of your dreams
  • A thorough pre-buy inspection
  • Aircraft dismantling for transport
  • Aircraft transportation or ferry
  • Aircraft re-assembly and paperwork
  • Aircraft registration
  • Insurance
  • Flight training
  • Maintenance, annuals and repairs