T-6 Harvard

The North-American T6 Harvard is a single engine, dual-seat military trainer aircraft. The T-6 Harvard is designed by North American Aviation and is known as the transition aircraft to form pilots from smaller aircraft to fighter aircrafts.

The T-6 Harvard operated in the Belgium Air Force where it was used to form SV4 pilots to spitfire.

Nowadays our beloved T-6 remains a popular warbird used for airshows and static displays. 

TypeT-6 Harvard (AT-16-ND)
ManufacturerNorth American Aviation
Engine600 HP Pratt & Whitney, 6-cylinder radial engine
Wingspan13 m
Cruising speed135 kts
G-Limits+5.6G / -2.33G

Our T-6 Harvard was built in 1944 for the Royal Air Force (RAF). After having served for the RAF, our T-6 Harvard was transferred to Holland during September 1946 to March 1948 to help re-establishment of the “Koninklijke Luchtmacht” (Royal Netherlands Air Force).

In March 1966 it was transferred to the “Marine Luchtvaart Dienst” (Dutch Navy) where it likely served with No 9. Squadron at “De Kooij”.

On the 4th of august 1972 our T-6 was sold and registered in Belgium to “Eric Vormezeele”. Sometime before 2003 it was repainted as H-50 in full Belgian Air Force markings on silver overall. The aircraft is based at Brasschaat.

  • Flight experience
  • Aerobatic experience
  • Type conversion training

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