T-28 Trojan

The North-American T-28 Trojan is a military training aircraft and was built in the 1950’s. It has served for the advanced training of fighter pilots in the United States Air Force and Navy and features a powerful Wright R-1820-9 piston engine that delivers 1425 hp (1,063 kW) at take-off. It is a radial engine of which the 9 cylinders are mounted in star shape. The aircraft has a three-blade propeller and a belly- mounted air brake. A total of 489 of this type were built.

TypeT-28-B Trojan
ManufacturerNorth American Aviation
Wingspan12.7 m
Length10 m
Cruising speed180 kts (330 km/h)
Range800 km
Weight3901 kg
Max ceiling35.000 ft (10.660 m)

The OO-LGY dates from July 1, 1954 and served in the US Navy. After this, the
device changed hands several times, after which it arrived in Antwerp in March 2010.
Since then, the aircraft has resided in Belgium and is now based in Brasschaat.

  • Flight experience
  • Aerobatic experience
  • Type conversion training

Interested to go for a ride on this magnificent machine or are you a pilot looking for a
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